Sunday, May 10, 2009

*Tickled Pink is closed in the Dayton, OH location.*

Basic Flavors
Little Black Dress
chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream
Tickled Pink vanilla cake, pink vanilla buttercream
American Classic vanilla cake, chocolate buttercream
Black & White chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, mini black & white cookie

Special Flavors: Natalie's Favorites
Happy Bunny carrot cake, cream cheese frosting, candied walnut
Southern Belle red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting
PB&J vanilla cake, grape jelly filling, peanut butter frosting
Great Pumpkin pumpkin spice cake, maple cream cheese frosting, sweet pumpkin seeds
Midnight Snack vanilla cake, cookie dough filling and frosting, mini cookie
Granola Girl almond granola cake, cinnamon frosting, granola topping
Fluffernutter peanut butter cake, marshmallow frosting, toffee peanuts
Little Devil devil's food cake, marshmallow frosting

Special Flavors: Chocolate

Aztec mexican chocolate cake, cinnamon buttercream
Oreo chocolate cake, Oreo buttercream
Caffeine Rush chocolate mocha cake, coffee buttercream, chocolate espresso bean
Buckeye chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, mini buckeye
Campfire Smore chocolate cake, marshmallow frosting, graham cracker crumbs
Grasshopper chocolate cake, mint frosting, Junior Mint

Special Flavors: Fruit
Lemon Meringue Pie lemon cake, lemon curd, toasted meringue topping
Lush Lemon lemon cake, lemon buttercream
Strawberry Shortcake vanilla cake, strawberry filling, vanilla buttercream
Pina Colada coconut cake, pineapple cream cheese frosting, sweetened coconut
Banana Split banana cake, marshmallow frosting, sundae toppings
Caramel Apple cinnamon apple cake, caramel frosting
Creamsicle orange cake, orange and marshmallow swirl frosting

*To view pictures of the cupcakes, visit our Cupcake Photo Gallery.